Forget those expensive satellite or cable bills of the past and switch to streaming today.

Streaming has never been easier with empower fiber internet. You can stream anything these days including hit shows, classic movies, live sports, local news, movies still in theaters ,and MORE. 

Fiber internet through empower Broadband gives you the fastest speeds available in the market. This allows you more freedom and flexibility with how you use your internet service based on your family’s needs.

If that wasn’t enough, with streaming, you get to say goodbye to contracts tying you into long-term agreements that many cable providers require. Stream how you want, when you want, and without a stressful contract. 

Here are just a few reasons why streaming is the right choice:

1. Price: There are several streaming services that are free and there are many options that are a FRACTION of your cable or satellite bill. With dozens of popular streaming options available, you’re sure to find one in your budget.

2. Flexibility: You can set up tv’s anywhere in your house and share your account with multiple users. On the go? You can even use your smartphone or tablet to watch anywhere while connected to Wi-Fi.

3. No contracts:  You can start and stop anytime because there are no contracts. Try out different platforms, find your favorite and stop when you want.

4.Options: You can customize your television experience. Why pay for hundreds of channels when all you watch is True Crime documentaries and The Office? Don’t pay for hundreds of channels you don’t watch and customize your streaming experience. From local channels to Network News and live sports, it’s all there at your fingertips.

5. Try them for FREE: We suggest you research different streaming services and find the one that fits you best. The good news is, almost all streaming services have a free trial period. You can also visit our free resource on the empower website here https://empowerbroadband.com/streaming-info/ for some help in choosing the right service.

Sign up today for fiber internet from empower Broadband to enjoy the many benefits of streaming. Visit empowerbroadband.com to sign up or call us at 870.336.0999! 

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