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The Craighead Electric mission is to responsibly deliver safe, reliable, and affordable energy. We are dedicated employees who are focused on providing world class service and extraordinary member care, because that’s what a cooperative is supposed to do.

While doing what a Cooperative is supposed to do, we realized in 2017, that we had a new opportunity to enrich the lives of our members AND the Cooperative at the same time. Craighead Electric had a need to modernize its electrical grid communication system and our members had a need for internet connectivity they could count on. As a byproduct of these needs, the CECC Board of Directors approved a new service: High-speed internet! Thus, empower, Delivered by Craighead Electric, was born.
We’ve spent the last few years placing over 5,000 miles of fiber optic cable in support of both our members, and the Cooperative.  Our state-of-the-art network was designed with future growth in mind. We are capable of providing more than 30,000 1 Gbps connections. Presently, we serve over 14,000 families and businesses with the same dedication and integrity they’ve grown to expect from our parent company, Craighead Electric Cooperative!  
Life, up to speed with empower, Delivered by Craighead Electric. 

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