Frequently Asked Questions & Answer

Fiber Internet

Fiber Optic systems use bursts of light sent through thin glass fibers to transmit information, resulting in much faster speeds than traditional copper lines. Most internet providers use fiber in their systems but use copper lines for the final connection to the home, resulting in slower speeds. empower will bring fiber all the way into your home, giving you access to download and upload speeds up to one gigabit.

No. Use as much data as you want with no caps or throttling.

You are not required to provide any equipment for internet service.

For $8.99 a month, we will set up, maintain, and manage your wireless network, including troubleshooting, updates, and security.

Physical damage will be charged to the subscriber. Malfunctioning equipment will be replaced by empower at no charge.

Yes, equipment can be returned to any of our 3 locations.

We do not require service contracts. You can cancel your service at any time.

No. We will never sell your information to third parties.

No, but our product offerings will remain as simple and straightforward as possible. Our prices will not unexpectedly increase without prior notification. 


Basic features such as: Call Waiting, 3-way calling, voicemail, and free long distance.

Yes, in most cases. To keep your existing phone number, your previous carrier must agree to releasing your number to empower. To determine if your number is transferable, call our customer service and they’ll be able to help!

The base rate of $24.99/month allows for unlimited local and long distance calling in the continental US, among a number of other features. For international calling, per minute charges will be added to your bill based on that country’s rate. Country rates will be provided when you take phone service.

While empower does not provide you with a phone, your existing phone should work just fine. When we come out to connect your phone service, we’ll make sure everything is working prior to completing the installation process.

Yes. Our phone service is Voice Over IP (VOIP). Therefore, when we come to complete your home installation, we’ll plug your phone line into our internet modem. You do not need a separate modem for your phone.

Yes. The first line is $24.99/month, any additional lines are $9.99 per line/month. If you are a business or have a special need for many phone lines, send us an email at and we can provide you with a special rate.

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