Starlink, a new satellite internet service from SpaceX, is making headlines recently as the latest and greatest internet option but don’t be fooled, fiber broadband that empower has brought to the area is still the superior choice for internet. Along with the significant price difference outlined in the graphic above, there are other big differences you’ll want to be aware of when considering Starlink. 

Speed & Latency: Starlink may promise fast speeds and low latency, but according to research, it is no faster or better than what empower Broadband delivers to its customers daily.   

Reliability: Unfortunately, there is potential for service interruptions with Starlink depending on satellite locations and weather events.  On the contrary, fiber technology through empower Broadband boasts very low service interruptions due to the grounded networks and fiber technology.  

Reputation: empower Broadband has been serving the community with high-speed fiber internet for over 3 years with an incredible reputation for speed, reliability and customer service. The Starlink network is still in a testing phase and their claims have yet to be proven.  

Although Starlink brings a decent option to certain areas of the country with harsh terrain, fiber broadband through empower is still the superior choice in our area for a fast, reliable internet connection. 

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