Overcoming Winter Internet Challenges with Fiber Technology

As winter weather approaches, it’s a time of joy and celebration, but it also comes with some challenges. Harsher weather conditions call for staying warm indoors and binge watching your favorite movies and shows. One of the most frustrating issues for anyone relying on the internet is a frozen screen, and connectivity problems can be especially bothersome during the colder months when internet usage is high. But with fiber internet from empower, you can ensure a reliable online experience all winter long. Below are some essential tips to avoid those dreaded frozen screens this winter.


  1. Choose Fiber Internet: The Winter-Proof Connection

Fiber-optic internet is your best choice for seamless, fast, and reliable internet, even during severe winter weather. Unlike traditional copper connections, fiber internet is less susceptible to weather-related disruptions and is built to withstand all environments.

Fiber requires fewer repairs because it is made of a more durable material– fine strands of glass, rather than metal, making it immune to electromagnetic interference both outside and inside your home.

Additionally, empower has designed its fiber network with redundancy measures in place – meaning, if a section of the network goes down in a winter storm, your broadband signal is immediately rerouted across another path.


  1. Keep Your Equipment Warm and Dry

Electronic devices, including your router, tend to perform better when they’re kept at the right temperature. Ensure they’re located in a dry, warm place, away from cold drafts and dampness. Cold and humidity can negatively impact performance, leading to connectivity issues.

  1. Safe Browsing Habits

Sometimes, frozen screens can be due to malware or viruses. Be cautious with your online activities like online shopping and avoid clicking on suspicious links or downloading files from untrustworthy sources.

  1. Reboot and Reset Your Equipment

If you ever experience connectivity issues, a simple reboot of your router can often resolve the problem. Your devices may need a fresh start to clear up any temporary issues that might be affecting your connection.

Additionally, visit us online for easy-to-use videos that detail simple troubleshooting steps: https://empowerbroadband.com/how-to-videos/


  1. Contact Your Fiber Internet Provider

If you ever face issues with frozen screens, don’t hesitate to contact empower technical support at 870.336.0900. We can assist in identifying and resolving any problems that may be specific to your connection.


Use these tips to say goodbye to frozen screens and ensure a reliable online experience this winter. With fiber internet from empower, you can stay connected with loved ones, work from home with ease, and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Stay warm, stay connected.


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