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empower wins federal funding in FCC Auction

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empower, Delivered by Craighead Electric is excited to announce we have been awarded more than $20 million dollars through the Federal Communications Commission’s Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) Phase I auction to continue its deployment of a gigabit-capable broadband network. The auction awarded over $230,000,000 million in federal funding to 11 cooperatives throughout the state.

We began our fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) project in 2018 to serve over 27,000 homes and businesses throughout Northeast Arkansas. Since 2018, we have connected 7,500 premises over 3,200 miles of fiber.  

The current pandemic has continued to highlight the lack of high-speed broadband services throughout the state of Arkansas. With this federal funding being awarded, empower plans to accelerate the deployment of its network throughout the Craighead Electric territory. These funds, awarded over the next 10 years, will allow us to invest in the newest technologies, state of the art infrastructure and most importantly – our communities.  

We look forward to continuing our mission of offering a robust, reliable, and affordable FTTH network throughout Northeast Arkansas.


Jeremiah Sloan
Chief Operating Officer
empower, Delivered by Craighead Electric

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  1. Michael Cartwright

    Assuming that you will be able to start doing installs here(east of Earle) in the not too distant future, we are so appreciative of the acceleration in the speed you have installed cabling for your service in our neighbourhood(Grassy Lake). We have essentially no real broadband internet service here and your service will be a real life changing advancement for our community. I’ve already filled out the web form and hope you will be able to start your service at my house before long. I’m know many of our neighbours will also be ready and willing to sign up.

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